Employee Engagement

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Clarity on core values  

Without a sense of clear and compelling core values, employees will have no purpose in their jobs. They will feel somewhat aimless, unclear as to what exactly they’re trying to accomplish. Gone are the days when all employees cared about was having a job to go to. Now they want to know that what they’re doing actually matters. 

Give purpose to your team and profits will follow 


Maintain the communication  

Employees want to know that their efforts are making a difference. They want to see how their work is impacting the company. They also want to constantly be updated in terms of where the company is headed and what initiatives are underway. 

Consistent feedback from company leadership allows employees to have a sense of what matters to the company and how they can be more invested. The absence of communication will lead to stagnation of employees 


Managerial coaching 

Poor or absent management inevitably leads to unengaged, uninterested employees. managers need to be closely involved with their employees without micromanaging. They need to learn the art of constructive feedback, as well as know how to consistently praise good performance. 


Help employees grow 

Companies that encourage employees to improve skills and learning will see engagement improve significantly. Today, employees want more than just a job. They want an occupation that fills them with passion and purpose, something that engages them on both an intellectual and emotional level.


Create an enjoyable team environment 

The quality of the team environment dramatically impacts engagement levels. Teams who are deeply connected will feel much higher levels of commitment and engagement than teams who focus solely on work. There are numerous ways of doing this -team activities outside of work hours, Friday celebrations with team over drinks , team retreats to focus on strategy and recreation etc. 


Appreciate the hard work of employees 

Humans are wired to respond to praise, and a lack of praise can lead to dissatisfaction and discouragement. Acknowledging employees’ best work can be a low-cost endeavour—it can be as small as a personal note or a thank-you card. But the key is to know what makes it meaningful and memorable for the employee, and who is doing the recognizing. 


Hear your employees 

Employees want to know that their thoughts and ideas matter. Companies with a system that allows for meaningful employee feedback will have significantly more engagement than those who ignore employees.


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