Roles and responsibilities of a Company Secretary in Hong Kong

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A Company Secretary is a vital role and your company cannot function without one! 

Essentially, a Company Secretary serves as the official company representative as stated on all legal documents. It’s their responsibility to ensure the company, its operations and its Directors are fully compliant with all relevant legislation, statutory laws and regulations in accordance with the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance. 

Duties and responsibilities of a Hong Kong Company Secretary are extensive, ranging from administrative tasks to managerial responsibilities. The main functions include:

A public company, or a company limited by guarantee, is legally obliged to appoint a Company Secretary and as per the Companies Ordinance in Hong Kong, neither a Director nor a Shareholder can take on the role. As a result, it’s common for companies to hire a HK resident or engage a professional and experienced corporate secretarial firm, such as T8 Corporate, who will ensure your company and its activities are always compliant.


What are the advantages of working with T8 Corporate as your appointed Company Secretary?

Compliance - our team is up to date with Hong Kong’s current laws and regulatory requirements so you will avoid any potential fines or penalties associated with non-compliance issues.

Time - you can focus on growing your business while we manage all your compliance needs.

Cost savings - reduce your hiring costs by working with an experienced Corporate Secretarial team at T8.

Paperless system – we provide you with an online storage system for your most important legal documents.


T8 is a licensed Hong Kong Trust Corporate Services Provider, License Number: TC005552

Hong Kong Limited companies are legally required to appoint a Company Secretary who will represent the company for all Government filings and any requirements for good standing of the company.


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