Corporate Bank Account

Opening a corporate bank account in Hong Kong can be fairly challenging and often time consuming, especially if your company is newly incorporated.

Banks have imposed strict regulations for due diligence and Know Your Customer (KYC) documentation which must be followed to successfully open an account.

T8 offers offer the following services to help our clients:

  • Advice on which bank will give you the highest chance of approval.
  • Completing the process with you - from booking an appointment with the bank to the day of your meeting.
  • Review your business documents before submission.
  • Assist with the completion of incorporation documents.

In order to open an account, your company must meet the following conditions:

  • The company has the intention to commence business
  • Your business must be based/located in Hong Kong or within Asia
  • Your company must have at least one Director residing in Hong Kong (with a Hong Kong Permanent ID or valid visa)
  • A Hong Kong registered business address
  • To provide business proof (i.e. invoices, tenancy contract, etc.)
  • A referral letter from the same bank (whether personal or corporate account) 
  • Proof of work experience. 

Please note the following: 

*All the Directors and Shareholders with 10% or more shares are required to attend the bank meeting(s).

 **All documents must be in English, if they are not, a translation needs to be provided and all documents to be authenticated or certified.

***All digital copy documents, such as incorporated documents, proof of address and passport copies must be certified. 

DISCLAIMER: T8 will support your application however any bank account opening decisions will be fully decided by the bank officers on duty and T8 cannot be responsible, nor liable, for any unsuccessful applications.


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