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A T8 virtual office provides businesses with a physical address, a mail forwarding service, courier services and a wide range of essential, office-related services including professional secretarial services and telephone answering services.

What is a virtual office?

A virtual office is a set of address and communication services that replace the traditional executive office suite. It gives you everything that a real office does, but without the physical space itself. Virtual offices include a series of services including communication services such as a remote receptionist or virtual assistants, and space services such as a professional or mailing addresses that can be utilized by you and your team.

Depending on the needs of your business, virtual offices can be better for you than having a physical office. Today, many business models do not function well with a physical space that you need to pay for every month. Virtual offices gives you the services required for a business to run, and cuts away all the unnecessary physical space that comes with executive office suites.

What are the benefits of a virtual office?

The main advantage is the instant cost saving. Your overheads such as office leases, equipment and furniture purchases, cleaning fees and utility costs will be significantly reduced and adding an element of professionalism to your business. 

Employment expenses will also be reduced as there is no need to hire and train administrative staff, pay insurance premiums, medical or MPF contributions.

Who will benefit from having a virtual office?

Businesses who typically use virtual offices include freelancers, home workers, start-ups and SMEs.

Employees working remotely only need access to a computer and the internet to complete daily tasks. This offers greater flexibility for personnel while also removing the time and expenses associated with a commute to an office.


How can T8 Corporate Services help your business?

  • Dedicated telephone line - have your calls answered and managed by a professional member of staff
  • Dedicated business address - use our business address for your mail (clients and vendors) and on all your business and marketing collateral as your registered business address.
  • Use our office as your registered address and we will forward all mail onto you
  • Virtual assistants

We offer a full range of virtual office packages, so please get in touch to find out how we can help you.

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